The Glass Castle

Imagine that a family member besides Jeanette wrote a memoir. Pick an episode or event from the book and write about it from that other person’s point of view. Pick an event that gives you a chance to show how another person may perceive the same situation in a different way.
You may not use the same character and episode as any other poster before you. Please read all previous posts before you respond.


36 responses to “The Glass Castle

  • Brianna Lindsey

    Character: Rose Mary Walls
    Scene: When Jeanette sees her from the cab going through the dumpsters.

    I was just rummaging through the dumpsters, you know, just looking for treasures, when I see a familiar face for the corner of my eye. A woman, she was hard to recognize, but I could tell that I knew her. I thought about it for a few minutes and it came to me. She was my daughter, the second oldest, Jeanette. She was beautiful from the quick glimpse I got of her. But why didn’t she say anything? I’m her mother. Is she ashamed of her own mother?

  • taaron0

    As we were swimming in a sulfur spring, i saw dad throw Jeanette into the much deeper middle, knowing she could not swim. Although he did not let her drown, it seemed as if he was playing with her, making her feel like she was almost at her end, only to save her and repeat the process. Dad told Jeanette he was just teaching her to swim, and that he would never let anything happen to her, and immediately she was assured his explanation was good enough. I, on the other hand, was not convinced.

  • Kayla Cayce

    My dearest Jeannette was three at the time of the horrible accident. As I was painting to my heart’s content Jeanette was in the kitchen cooking her some hotdogs the way I taught her. All of the sudden I heard a horrible scream come from the kitchen. It was Jeannette. She caught fire while bending over to feed the dog. I quickly rushed to grab a fire safety blanket and wrapped it around my daughter. I then grabbed Brian and Jeannette and went next door to ask for a ride to the hospital.
    After arriving at the hospital they started asking Jeannette all these ridiculous question like, “Have your parents ever hurt you?” or “Why in the world were you cooking hotdogs at the age of three?” I was appalled; I could not believe they would ask such things. If I thought my daughter was old enough to cook then she was to don’t question my parenting.
    One day when we came to visit her one of the nurses thought it would be okay if they gave MY daughter a piece of gum. Chewing gum is the most vile low-class habit anyone could ever take up.
    Ole Rex disapproves of me ever taking Jeannette to the hospital saying I should have taken her to some sort of witch doctor. Later that night he took me and the kids to the hospital to break Jeannette out. We never stay in the same place for very long, we tend to attract unwanted attention to our family.

  • Morgan Herzog

    The event that stood out to me from the book, was when Jeannette was 3 years old and was cooking hot dogs on the stove. She stood in a chair to reach the stove and her dress had caught on fire. The flames were huge and went all of the way down her body. She had 3rd degree burns from that incident. Jeannette’s moms reaction was very calm, almost like Jeannette had just fallen on the ground and bumped her head.

    If this situation would have happened from Rex’s point of view (the dad) then things would be totally different. Imagine if Rex walked upon Jeannette when she was on fire. Rex would have made sure the fire was out and that the little girl was still alive. After that he wouldn’t have done much of anything. He definitely wouldn’t have taken Jeannette to the hospital, he would think that its not serious and act very calmly about the situation. He would then go back to his daily activities.

    • Morgan Herzog

      I heard Jeannette scream, so i walked into the kitchen wondering what the big problem was this time. Jeannette was on fire, so i retrieved a blanket and put out the fire. She was still screaming and i told her that it was no big deal and that we could place a few bandages over her burns and everything would be okay. Jeannette definitely doesn’t need to go to the hospital over something little like that. He said to Jeannette, “Now you go play and quit interrupting me.”

  • Shannon Mclimore

    I got invited to New York to stay with my brother and my sister. I went for a while and it was much better than Welch. I’m the youngest of the family so they watch me carefully. My parents moved to the Big Apple and I was stuck with them again. I couldn’t take it. But I’m in California now. After all, that’s where I was raised, and that’s why I went back. I didn’t like all that moving around we always did. My sister, Jeanette, always seemed to enjoy it though. I also feel like I don’t get as much attention than my older siblings do. So why stay in New York? They don’t need me. In fact, they’ll probably forget I even exist. “Maureen? Oh I forgot about her,” they’ll all say. As of now, I barely hear from there. So here I am in California. I’m 18, and not very attractive. I used to be told I was the prettiest of the family, but that was way back in the past. My long, blonde hair is now a rat’s nest, and my skin is dry and pale. I smoke, but that’s the least of my problems. I’m just trying to survive while I’m three days away from the rest of my family. But I know for a fact, I won’t go back.

  • jarred mcbrayer

    Rex Walls at your service! My daughter Jeannette burned herself today while trying to cook herself a hotdog. She’s only four years old, but she acts so much older. She’s still in the hospital and I don’t like hospitals at all. It’s because all the doctors are trying to do is hurt my baby. Jeannette keeps telling me how much she likes it there and how all the doctors treat her with food and new bandages. They are just trying to steal my baby girl away from me. Today is the day I am going to get her out of there, were walking right out the front doors. Breaking her out to me seems like the right thing to do. I only want what I think is best for her.

  • Reagan Leach

    “That’s just a toy,” Billy said shakily.
    “It’s real, all right!” Jeanette shouted. “It’s my dad’s gun!”
    “If it is,” he said, “she ain’t got the cojones to use it.”
    “Try me,” I told him. At this point the kid was getting on my nerves so badly that I’d shoot that little punk even if he didn’t do anything to my sister.
    “Go on, then,” Billy said. “Shoot me and see what happens.”
    Knowing that my shooting skills weren’t the best of the family I figured I would just try to scare the little bastard off. I calmly positioned the gun right above Billy’s head and shot at him. Immediately I prayed that I didn’t kill the kid when I saw that his silhouette had disappeared from sight.
    The group of us ran outside, wondering if Billy’s corpse would be all that remained, but the little bitch started firing at us again with his BB gun after ducking out of the window and running a ways away. Jeanette, her face boiling with anger and red from BB pellets, stole dad’s gun away from me and shot immediately at Billy and nearly threw he arm out of socket. He jumped straight up in the, looked like he nearly pissed his pants, and sprinted as far away from us as he could.
    We all broke out in a hysterical laughing fit, but then we all got very somber and stared at each other in silence. Jeannette’s hand was shaking violently barely holding the gun so I took it back from her. Though I felt like the big sister I was supposed to be in protecting my family and sister, I couldn’t help shake this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. Maybe it was my fear of what dad would think or just my feelings of empathy on what my sister has already had to go through. Either way I was becoming very sick of this dreadful Battle Mountain.

  • Stephanie Hatfield

    We were driving in the desert going to our next location after escaping from the trailer park. Rex was driving so fast no one even notice as he turned the curb Jeannette flew out the door. we drove a long time before ever realizing she was gone. She must have been scared to death and thought we’d never come back for her. I knew my little girl would be okay though because I have taught her how to be grown up and take care of herself. after we looked back and didn’t see her we immediately turned around to look for her. We didn’t know were she could be, or how long she had been gone. We could’ve driven miles already without her. It was already dark outside and we almost couldn’t see a thing, but way up ahead we saw a shadow walking along the thick desert. My heart started racing. We grew closer and closer, I knew it was Jeannette. I was over joyed to know our little girl was fine and we had found her. I would never let this happen again!

  • Brandon Shane Adams

    I took each of the kids out tonight to give each of them something for Christmas. We did not have much, so I gave each of them a star of their choice. As we sat out in the desert that night i made sure the kids knew that what they were getting was special, something no other kid could have. A star. Jeanette picked a particularly strange “star” that hung low in the sky. I explained to Jeanette that the star she picked was actually Venus, a planet. “You’re special enough to own anything,” I said. I gave her a big hug and t old her that Venus was hers and nobody could ever take that away from her. We got up and walked back toward the family, hand in hand.

  • Katlyn Dickens

    I received a call from my sisters in New York; it was the most exciting call I ever had. After Jeannette was finished talking, all I could say was, “When’s the soonest I can come?” I lived in a house with no water, no toilet, and I slept on the porch because the ceiling in my room collapsed. When I heard there was warmth and running water, I was sold. I was on the next bus to New York, to start a new chapter in my life. Since my sisters left I had no one to go exploring or hang out with and since my parents were selfish and didn’t care about anyone but themselves and Maureen basically lived with her friends and wasn’t around, I was on my own. I needed a new life with necessities I never really had and I needed to experience the world without my parents. I was so glad my sisters invited me to stay with them in New York and had gotten me out of that god forsaken place; we always had each others back and always helped one another out. This is what we did for each other since our parents never did anything like this for us before. We were all going to be happier in New York than what we were back in Welch. Thinking of what was about to happen, all I could do was smile; I kept pinching myself now and then to make sure this wasn’t a dream, when I got off the bus and saw my sisters, I knew this was for real. I was the happiest I had ever been.

  • Eryn Faught

    We could hear Dad screaming in the other room, but no one but Jeanette would listen to it. She’d sit there by the door with a jug of water or juice, patiently guarding the room and silently listening to the screams and moans like everyone else. Mom blocked it out by being in her studio all day, Maureen and Brian played all day outside, knowing that this was the only way to escape from Dad’s agony of withdrawal. I couldn’t understand how or why he was putting himself through this until a couple weeks passed and Jeanette asked me about how life would be without Dad’s addiction to alcohol. “The same,” I said. “He tried stopping before, but it never really lasted.”
    “This time it will.” Jeanette’s voice was confident and hopeful.
    “How do you know?”
    “It’s his present to me,” she confessed.
    At last, it all clicked why Dad was doing all of this and why Jeanette was so sure it would last. She was always his favorite, after all, and it was her birthday not too long ago. And since we are not the most financially inclined, we tend to forget about things, such as birthdays. But Dad didn’t. Dad continued to get better, and Jeanette more confident in our father’s ability to stay sober.

  • Trey Baker

    i was playing pool in a run down pub, hustling this guy for his money. i brought mountain goat, my favorite daughter. she was sitting at the bar talking to this man i had been hustling. every now and then they would get up and dance. as he got more drunk he would flirt a little more. she would look over at me every now and then. i could tell she was enjoying herself and knew what she was doing. after a while he asked her to go upstairs to his apartment. she asked me if she could go so it wouldn’t look like she was so eager. i said of course have fun. i knew she liked and knew what she was doing. she was tough. after a few minute she came hurrying down the stairs and told me were leaving. after we got into the truck she asked why id put her in that position. i thought she was enjoying herself but apparently not.

  • Brooke Lewis

    I will talk about the situation where Jeanette’s Dad takes her to the bar from his point of view.
    Jeanette and I headed off to the bar. I told her I’d earn back the money she let me borrow. We walked in the bar and i ordered us both a drink. Jeanette denied the drink and i got up to play some pool. I told Jeanette to watch me show her how its done. I could see out of the corner of my eye a drunk man in the bar making a move on my daughter. I saw it as a perfect opportunity to pull a fast one on him and get my money back.
    “I’m going to take your daughter upstairs” the drunk man told me.
    I agreed because i knew Jeanette could handle herself.
    While they were upstairs i took the money he left behind. When Jeanette returned we did the skidaddle.
    “That man tried to hurt me” Jeanette said.
    I told her she was just being a baby. What’s to complain about when you just made a big chunk of beer money?

  • Meredith Coomes

    As night, as I was digging through the dumpster, I looked over to the street. In a taxi I saw a woman sitting in the backseat. She looked familiar but because of the darkness I couldn’t really see. As the car came closer I realized it was my own daughter Jeannette. We made brief eye contact and i began to wave. Surely she would recognize me but she didn’t seem too. Jeannette just turned her head away from the window as the cab drove off. I do not understand, was she ashamed of her own mother? It made no since that after all I did for her, she wouldn’t even wave back at me. I guess she never really did understand the choices I made like Lori did.

  • Jackie Wermling

    “Mom you have to leave dad. He’s the reason why we are suffering so much. He spends any money we have on whiskey and ciggerates. Just think, we can finally try to get government help, like food stamps so we can all get to eat everyday. The man come to our house the other day.”
    Listening to my daughter say this was just totally unaccpeactable. This man has been in my life forever, why would she say this? She knows her father loves her more out of our four kids, then shes going to turn her back on him and say I need to leave him….that we all need to leave he man that always knows what to do when were in to deep? i dont think so.
    So whenever Jeanette left for school at morning, i sat on the couch and just thought, and cried and thought some more. Maybe shes right, we could get food stamps and have my hard earn money left for things I need. Like paint supplies, so I can just paint up in my studio all day every day. Maybe my painting career can take off. Wait what am I thinking? Im not leaving my husband, we have been together for a long time. We have been through thick and thin, strong and weak. Jeanette is just thinking of herself like always. Telling me to leave my husband; who does she thinks she’s talking to? Her father raised her just fine, look at her. Selfish little girl, so what if she doesnt eat evryday, i havent ate for four days and I am doing well. Yes, i have hungar pains, but they will eventually ware off.
    I needed to do something to keep my mind off of the situation. So i figured I would go up to my studio and paint. sounded like a fabulous plan. But as I was walking up there, I became weak because I haven’t ate in four days. I just brushed it off and went back and laid down on the sofa, and began to read my books. I soon forgot about everything me and Jeanette had talked about. And I just let it be after that. What ever happens happens. It isnt my fault things always happen to way they do. Just need to learn to cope witht them.

  • Haley Turner

    My children think that it is a bad thing to live on the streets, but i find it an adventure every day. With testing out the soup kitchens to trying to find a new place to call home, I get so much joy out of it. Rex and I just found a new place to call home, an abandoned building in southern New York. We have a little fixing up to do but we have an entire community of people living in here! Occasionally I miss my family but I get to visit them and Jennette brings Rex alcohol sometimes so we get to see her too.

  • paxton gholson

    well, i was taking my midday nap and it was cut short. I woke up to the yelling of Lori. at first i did not know what all the yelling was about. as i slowly got up I herd my mom, Erma cursing at all three of Rex’s kids. by the time i stumbled in to the other room. the three girls were going at it. i knew i would have to stop them before one was killed. i did not want any of them to get hurt so i grabbed mom because she would not hit me. braking up the fight was a lot harder then i thought. but i got the girls apart. Erma forced the kids to stay in the basement from then of out. after mom had cooled down i went back and finished my nap.

  • Logan O'Bryan

    The family won’t quit bugging me about getting a job. Ever since we moved to Welch, they act like its my job to support the family. The kids are able-bodied, they should get the job. It’s not my problem; all i want to do is paint. Now i have a job as a teacher is a close by county. I have to wake up early every morning and ride to work with my coworker who will not stop smoking and doesn’t really like me. Jeanette and Brian bug me, “Get up Mom, you are going to miss your ride!”
    “What is the point?”
    “Our family needs money,” Jeanette said.
    “But i don’t want to,” i pleaded.
    After much whining and yelling I ended up going to work against my will.

  • Katie O'Bryan

    I have been having nightmares every night about men in black face masks coming into our house. My dad leaves the doors and windows open so anyone could come in if they wanted. One night when everyone was asleep, I heard Jeanette scream and yell as a man was on top of her. Brian and Jeanette went out for a pervert hunt that night to search for the man who had came in the house for Jeanette, but never found him. From that night my nightmares of the man in the face mask were scarier than ever. Even though Brian, Jeanette, and dad went on a pervert hunt every night I was still scared that some man was going to come into the house after me.

  • Paige Kuegel

    Being the youngest kid in the family, life was extremely hard for me. I always felt like I didn’t belong. Once my older brother and sister moved to New York, I was quite ready to leave too. My parents completely gave up. It was like they never had children. Sometimes I think it was the life they always wanted. Once I moved to California, I finally felt accepted. It was where the rest of my family lived for a long time, and I didn’t get to experience it like they did. I felt like I always belonged here. I tried to forget about my family and the hard times we went through. I felt like my family was happy in New York so I wanted to be happy too. At first it was hard finding a job, but because of my looks people wanted to be around me. I always relied on other families to take care of me when I was younger, but I am happy on my own. I like providing for myself. California was the right choice for me.

  • Jonathan Brey

    At the age of only three years old, Jeannette experienced a tragic misfortune. It started as a typical day. She was boiling hot dogs on the kitchen stove while I was in the other room working on my latest art piece. Out of nowhere, a scream from Jeannette traveled throughout the house. I dropped what I was doing and rushed into the kitchen. Jeannette’s clothing had caught fire! I reached for the nearest blanket to extinguish the flame. I grabbed Jeanette and my son, Brian. My husband, Rex Walls, was not home at the time. He had taken the car so we had no means of transportation to the hospital.We raced to the neighbors house and asked to borrow their car. They agreed and we sped off to the hospital. Once Jeannette had been attended to and they assured that everything was going to be all right, they began asking her questions that suggested they did not think I was a responsible parent.I became infuriated. When my husband had discovered that I had taken our daughter to the hospital, he was more than angry. He despised hospitals and believed doctors did not know what was best for individual people. However, we visited our daughter daily. I soon discovered that one of the nurses working had given Jeannette some chewing gum. My husband despises hospitals and I despise chewing gum. It is a nasty, filthy habit that no one should ever become addicted to. I wish the stuff had never been invented. The doctors suggested Jeannette stay there awhile longer. However, my husband and I had decided it was time for our daughter to return home. In the middle of the night, our family packed into the family car and headed out for the hospital. After we arrived, Rex Walls headed through the hospital doors and into Jeannette’s room. He scooped her up and sprinted down the halls as nurses and doctors yelled for him to stop. He never stopped until he had reached the car. They hopped in, slammed the door shut, and we drove off into the night.

  • Matt Shown

    “I can’t believe my sister is trying to paint the house.” I said
    “I swear, girls get crazier as they get older, don’t they? I don’t think she has enough paint to finish the job anyhow. How great would it be for us to be the ‘half yellow house’ on the street!? No, I hate being the only boy in this weird family.”

    Brian talking about Jeannette painting the house.

  • Kristin Pedley

    I can’t even begin to afford Christmas presents for my children. I’ll just have to let them believe that I’m able to afford presents greater than any other dad can. If I let them pick out their own star, I’ll be able to show my kids how much I care about them.
    I loved Jeanette’s gift the best; instead of picking out a star, she decided on the planet Venus. I feel that Jeanette is the only family member who supports me anymore, so she deserves the best gift by far. I explained to her how people who live in the city don’t ever get to experience beautiful scenery like this; it would be ridiculous to even consider leaving. I wish to provide a better life for my family though; that’s why I’m still working out the blueprints for our mansion, the Glass Castle. While I’m in the process of trying to make our dream a reality, I want to give my children a gift they can treasure for a lifetime. This is why I told them, “Years from now when all the junk they (other kids) got (for Christmas) is broken and long forgotten, you’ll still have your stars.”
    I may not be a great father, but my children still deserve some memorable moments with their family.

  • Caitlin Armstrong

    Finally after what seemed like a life time i got into the car. All my life i had wished for this day to come and now i could not be more happy. I am finally getting away from this crazy family and doing something to better myself. As i drive away, all i can think about are my siblings. I know that they have dreamed of getting away from our parents just as long as i have. It makes me sad to know that they have suffer even a second longer in that household. Though i know that they will soon follow and make a name for themselves once they get out of that town and come to New York.

  • John Treon

    One night while we were living in Phoenix I was sleeping when out of Jeannette’s room there arose such a clatter, I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter. Away to Jeannette’s room I flew like a flash, tore open the door and looked in the room. I saw an old man standing by the bed and Jennette and I chased him out of the house and around the block. “I think we scared that pervet out of our street forever” I told Jennette. We have to keep our doors open in the house at night becuase the house needed the “air flow” they said. We found drunks and hobos spending the night at our house all the time. It is ridiculous.

  • Robert Reynolds

    My children are doing so well in New York. That’s why me and Rosemary moved here, to make the family whole again. After looking for a nice, stable house to live in, Rosemary and I found a small community of squatters in an abandoned building. Jeanette and Lori keep offering us help with our financial situation, but we don’t need help we’re doing great here. The squatter community is so nice and they’re dependent on me now because I hooked up the building with electricity. Jeanette even offered to buy us a car or small house, but I turned her down. A father should receive no financial help from his own children.

  • Ariel Carrico

    Jeanette and Bryan found the ring: Rose Mary’s point of view

    Bryan and Jeanette had been playing outside all day. I heard them running up the stairs, frantic and talkative. They burst through the door, exasperated and tired from excitement. Just as I was about to ask what all the commotion was about, Jeannette held up a ring. She had explained that she had found it in the yard wrapped around a piece of rotted wood. She was explaining something but I couldn’t hear her, her words were blocked out by the thought of the ring on my finger, it made my heart soar. Rex had pawned my wedding ring years back and this one in front of me could take its place. As her words faded back into reality, I realized that she was thinking of pawning it to get food. It was preposterous! Food would only last a few days, but this new treasure could last a lifetime! The wonders it would do for my moods, with such a beautiful ring on my finger, how could I not feel amazing! I took the ring and put it on. Jeanette and Bryan stormed out of the room, and I rose from my bed and danced as if there weren’t a thing in the world to get me down.

  • Morgan Williams

    I’m dying in here.
    It feels like somebody is killing me.
    I NEED my beer. I NEED my alcohol.
    Dang it, I’m done. I’m getting up.

    I can’t give up. As I lay back down in my bed and scream bloody murder I hear my baby girl sit against the door I’m locked behind with a jug of juice or water. She takes such good care of me. She truly believes in me. I can hear her and Lori having a conversation.
    I overhear Jeanette ask what life would be like without my addiction to alcohol. “The same,”Lori said. “He tried stopping before, but it never really lasted.”
    “This time it will.” Jeanette’s voice was confident and hopeful. I’m so proud of her.
    “How do you know?”
    “It’s his present to me,” she whispers.

    I will give it up this time. I will make my daughter proud. This is her birthday present. I can do it.

  • Lindsey Howard

    I’d have to say that my sister is a pretty strong girl. As I walked into the hospital room I saw her laying on the bed all wrapped up in white gauze. She kind of looked like a mummy which I found pretty funny. Despite the fact that she is all hurt, she acts as if nothing happened. Being the oldest child in this family, I feel like I should have been looking after her. I kind of feel like it’s my fault. The next day I was sitting in the living room when dad busts into the house with Jennette in his arms. I was kind of currious at first to what was going on because I didn’t know that she was supposed to be coming home. But then it clicked. I knew dad hated hospitals, so I asked what was going on and he explained that he checked my little sister out Rex Wall’s style. I wondered if it was a bad thing at first, but I know that Jennette is a strong girl and she will be fine.

  • Jenny McIntosh

    We were sitting in the car talking about when I would have Maureen. Rex had been drinking, as always. He was trying to tell me that I had not been pregnant for 14 months with our other children. How would he know? He is always drunk! He isn’t the one who has to carry these babies, I am. We argued about it and he started to drive crazy. I told him to stop the car. He wouldn’t so I reached my foot over, as hard as it was, and slammed on the break. I was so upset with him, that I got out of the car and started walking in the desert. I think that made him even more mad because he started chasing me with the car. I hate when he is drunk, he never thinks about the dangers of what he does. As things kept running through my head about how crazy he was, he kept chasing me. I knew I had to hide so I tried to hide behind cactus’ and bushes. I would think I was safe from the car, then I would see the head lights shine on me, so I would hide somewhere else. I ran out of places to hide, and just when I thought he was going to hit me, he put the car in park and stepped out. I was scared because I knew he was really mad. He walked up to me, grabbed me hard, and drug me into the car. I didn’t want to go so I kicked and tried to hold on to things. He was mad and stronger then me though. He put me in the car, shut the door, got in, and drove off. As we drove, every one was silent. I knew the kids didn’t like what had just happened. I knew they were scared, I just hope they weren’t as scared as me.

  • zach weatherholt

    I got dragged home again last night. It was Jeanette again. they must have sent her out knowing that I’ve got a soft spot for her. I don’t mean for her to see me like this, and I’ve got too much pride for all of these people to see my 12 year old little girl in a place like that dragging her drunk of a father home. I think she’s used to it at this point. We got into an argument with the trucker taking us home, she defended me when he called me a drunk. I am a drunk. I’m a good for nothing drunk and my daughter knows it. We need to get on the road again. this town doesn’t have much left for us. I’ll tell the kid I’ve had a falling out with “the prospector” and we’ve gotta run. Things ought to get better soon enough.

  • Lilly McCormick

    Brian- when Erma molested him
    Erma said my pants needed mending and she was gonna do it while i still had them on. She ordered me to Grampa’s room where her sewing kit was and i went. When we got in theres she got on her knees and started touching my crotch and i didn’t like it so i cried and told her “no.” Jeannette heard me and came to see what was going on she saw Erma kneading my crotch while i tried to cover myself and make her stop. Jeannette hollered at Erma and Lori cam running in too. Jeannette told Lori what happened and called Erma a pervert. Uncle Stanley got woken up by the argument and we got banished to the basement. I think now we know whats wrong with daddy. I think Erma touched him inappropriately too.

  • Caitlyn Stewart

    Character: Rex Walls
    Situation: Rex Walls speaking about building the Glass Castle to Jeannette.

    Whenever I began to lose all hope in myself I would always find a glimmer of happiness in telling Jeannette about the Glass Castle. Throughout the years I have spoken of the Glass Castle many times, but with age most of the family has begin to realize that it is all just talk. Granted, I am an alcoholic and my plans do not come through very often, but building this castle and making everyone proud of me seems like my only chance at salvation. I continuously waste away my life while drunk. During those times I truly believe I will accomplish this building made of glass. Then I sober up and I realize how unrealistic it is. I know while drinking this task will never be completely, but I have made my promises to everyone. I will eventually come through. Just the glimmer of hope left within Jeanette leaves me with the determination that I will complete this task at hand.

    As Jeannette walked away with the excitement of her future castle, I pulled out my alcohol and took a big drink.

  • Keegan Camron

    Dad(Rex Walls)- Throwing cat out window

    One less mouth to feed, I thought. What is the purpose of having a cat when your on the move? All the cat does is make noise, eat, and use the bathroom. We already have children to take care of that do the same thing. Jeanette’s cat was just one more attachment to the family that needed to be left behind. Just as we are leaving behind the problems in that town. When you are on the move you have to be strong; you cannot be weak. The cat was a sign of weakness, out the window it went. The kids must realize that all of what happens, is part of the big plan. Every decision gets us closer to getting our Glass Castle.

  • Gabrielle Coalter

    * Jeanette’s Dad takes her to the bar from her point of view.

    Dad and I got into the car and headed striaght to the bar. He had told me that he would somehow earn the money back that i had let him borrow of mine. When we got to the bar, he ordered a drink for both of us, but i did not want a drink and when I told my dad he got up all mad and went and played some pool. Dad tried to act like he knew what he was doing, cause he kept telling me to watch him. While my father was playing pool I seen him looking out the side of his eye, and he was watching the drunk man messing with me. The man said he was going to take me upstairs and I was hoping that my dad wouldnt let him, but my dad agreed to it and so the man took me upstairs. While we was up there the drunk man tried to hurt me and so when we went back down stairs I told dad and hw said that I was just being a big baby.

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