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English 101 ~ Novel Disucssion Board #1

Wuthering Heights

Catherine Heathcliff on moors


After reading the first section of the novel, use the following questions to write ONE reflective paragraph in response to your reading.  Be sure to comment on at least TWO other posts.  Simply agreeing with someone’s response is NOT appropriate; your comment should contribute to the conversation–adding new insight.

What information surprised you?

What did you question or think might not be accurate? How will you/did you check to see if it is correct?

What is the most important lesson/insight/piece of information learned?

What has been the most interesting?

What do you LIKE about the Bronte’s writing style?

How can you use the information/lesson/insights revealed in her narrative in your own life?

(All responses and comments are due by 11:59 pm on Wednesday,11/26/14.)