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Novel Discussion Board #2: 1984 Part 2

Room above shop“The paperweight was the room he was in, and the coral was Julia’s life and his own, fixed in a sort of eternity at the heart of the crystal.”   1984, Part II, Chapter IV

Find one or two quotes from Part II (and embed them into your response), which illustrates the difference in ideologies of Winston and Julia about the Party, the brotherhood, or another significant topic.  Explain the implication of your chosen quote(s).  Do not use the same quote as any other classmate.  Due: 3/16.

LoveNext, reply to two of your classmates’ comments, furthering the discussion; it’s not enough to simply agree–you must add something new to that discussion: thoughtful questioning, polite disagreeing, or detailed extension of the original idea.  Due 3/17.

Everyone should post his/her initial comment first, read all comments before replying to one; then allow wait time again before you make your final reply.  Due 3/18.


Novel Discussion Board #1: 1984

2 minutes hate

Two Minutes Hate

In 1984, Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth, which in actual truth isa kind of “Ministry of propaganda,” since “truth” is merely a manufactured item. What is the Party’s purpose of propaganda? What are some moral objections to the use of propaganda? How did the Nazis use propaganda? What were they trying to achieve? How did the Soviet Communists use propaganda? And,what were they trying to achieve? Then, identify and explain one significant use of propaganda in our country today. Consider advertising, political sloganeering, mass media, etc. Be specific. Give details from the novel and history and current events.

NDB #4: Injury, Death and Sickness in Wuthering Heights

WH Cathy's death bed

Emily Bronte obviously uses episodes of injury, death, and sickness to advance the plot throughout the novel, but,how does she use “illness” as a metaphor to direct the reader’s opinion about the personalities of various characters?

Heathciff hangs Isabella’s dog. Hindley is an alcoholic. Old Mr. Earnshaw becomes an invalid and dies.

Choose one character and analyze his reaction to his/her own poor condition or analyze how one character responds to the suffering/disease/illness/death of another. Be sure to discuss what his/her reaction reveals about his/her character. Embed quotes if applicable or include specifics from the novel.

Resources? The novel and your brain–do not consult any outside sources (I have read most of them), and do not choose the same scenario as any poster before you!

NDB #3: The Reliable or Unreliable Narrator in Wuthering Heights

Mr. Lockwood and Nelly Dean are opposites in almost every way. A bit of a dandy and unaccustomed to the “grim and taciturn” inhabitants of Wuthering Heights, he is a sophisticated and sentimental outsider to the “ill-tempered” Earnshaws. She, however, is a shrewd, self-educated servant and has been with these families for most of her life.

To what extent do we accept Nelly’s point of view as narrator? Is her conventionality necessarily wrong or limited? Is it a valid point of view, though one perhaps which cannot understand or accommodate the wild behavior she encounters?

Does she represent normalcy? Is she a norm against which to judge the behavior of the other characters? How much does she contribute, whether unintentionally, semi-consciously, or deliberately, to the disasters which engulf her employers?

To what extent is Nelly admirable? Is she superior to the other servants, as she suggests, or is she deluded by vanity?

Is she genuinely attached to the Earnshaws and Lintons or is she selfishly detached from, even a bit jealous of, their social positions clearly above her own?

Choose one (or more) of the topic questions above. Embed two quotes from this section of WH in your response (as demonstrated in the prompt above). Quotes may not be repeated so read all posts prior to yours. Then challenge at least one other post.

Lockwood                                          Nelly

English 101 ~ Novel Discussion Board #2

Catherine has died. Edgar suffers the loss in silence; Heathcliff instinctively knows she has passed. The question of whether they really “love” each other has to be addressed. This question raises another; what kind of love–or feeling–is Emily Brontë depicting?


Dr. Stanton Peele, noted psychologist, claims:
An addiction exists when a person’s attachment to a sensation, an object, or another person is such as to lessen his appreciation of and ability to deal with other things in his environment, or in himself, so that he has become increasingly dependent on that experience as his only source of gratification.

In a well-developed response explain whether you believe Heathcliff and Catherine’s attachment is ideal love (like soul mates) or an addictive kind of love, but not both. Incorporate at least two quotes from the text to support your claim (no citations needed). You may also address the question of why she married Edgar.

Read every post! You may not use any quote that any other poster has used.

English 101 ~ Novel Disucssion Board #1

Wuthering Heights

Catherine Heathcliff on moors


After reading the first section of the novel, use the following questions to write ONE reflective paragraph in response to your reading.  Be sure to comment on at least TWO other posts.  Simply agreeing with someone’s response is NOT appropriate; your comment should contribute to the conversation–adding new insight.

What information surprised you?

What did you question or think might not be accurate? How will you/did you check to see if it is correct?

What is the most important lesson/insight/piece of information learned?

What has been the most interesting?

What do you LIKE about the Bronte’s writing style?

How can you use the information/lesson/insights revealed in her narrative in your own life?

(All responses and comments are due by 11:59 pm on Wednesday,11/26/14.)

The Glass Castle

Imagine that a family member besides Jeanette wrote a memoir. Pick an episode or event from the book and write about it from that other person’s point of view. Pick an event that gives you a chance to show how another person may perceive the same situation in a different way.
You may not use the same character and episode as any other poster before you. Please read all previous posts before you respond.